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Disneyworld attractions are unique; it is very difficult to make a classification in terms of excitement and fun. Every single spot is magic and kids adore being there. There are also many grown-ups who take great delight in accompanying the little ones through the Disneyworld attractions every year.

You don't have to be a child to go there. It is true that the place has been created for children but parents and grandparents are as enchanted as the little ones due to the various Disneyworld attractions and means of entertainment that remind them of their childhood stories and favorite characters.

Disney World attractions were created for both fun and education. While exploring the fascinating kingdom, children will learn new things about humanity and our history, geography, will explore the future and test their courage in a hundred and one ways. The 'hair-raising' collection of Disneyworld attractions gives you the possibility to choose between at least two stages so, don't worry; if you are as fearful as a rabbit you can stop in due time and let the valiant go on!

What the little ones consider to be among the greatest Disneyworld attractions is Mickey's Toontown Fair. That's the place where all the famous cartoon characters that kids love have a place of their own and are able to enchant the little visitors with their stories and adventures. Donald's Boat, Mickey's Country House, Minnie's Country Hose, the Toontown Hall of Fame and Judge's Tent are some of the most memorable Disneyworld attractions where Mickey and his friends will entertain and make you feel part of the story.

The Future World Disneyworld attractions include Spaceship Earth (a ride which allows you to explore the history of communication while riding on time-travel vehicles), Universe of Energy (a 45-minute ride with Albert Einstein) and Wonders of Life (an entertaining 18-minute show following a day in the life of Buzzy).

To those who like sweets, here is one of the most tempting and 'tasty' Disneyworld attractions: Club Cool. You can walk through an air-conditioned covered area and cool off. At the end of the walk you will get the opportunity of tasting sample cake products from all around the world. There is no need to mention the many restaurants that serve both American and foreign cuisine all over the place. If you ever get hungry or thirsty from too much excitement, you can have a break in one of these Disneyworld attractions which are always full of customers and serve the most delicious food and drink combinations you have ever had.

If you are keen on American history, a very 'serious' set of Disneyworld attractions is there so you can find out a lot of interesting things about the greatest Americans ever; Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain are ready to teach you about Mayflower and the Declaration of Independence; an additional film will tell you the story of Canada as well.

And the list of Disneyworld attractions is not over. You can attend lots of live shows and learn about other cultures through a number of live entertainment moments offered by people from Mexico, Japan, the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Italy, China, France and Morocco.


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