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When the park opened, Disneyworld tourism made American tourism increase by almost a quarter in the following six months. Disneyworld was something amazing to everyone and children all over the USA started talking their parents into visiting the place. Though so many years have passed since the opening, Disneyworld tourism is still very high.

Crowds of people come to the place every year and every time they can see something new. Disney is expanding year by year and the more it grows the bigger the number of visitors Disneyworld tourism attracts.

Disneyworld tourism is more like an industry and it is highly profitable. The irresistible attractions of the place make thousands of parents from all continents bring their kids to this children's heaven every year.

Since so many visitors plan to come to Disney, vacation packages and offers for the area have also increased in numbers. Flights are now easy to find and good planning in advance makes a Disney vacation something one cannot forget. Disneyworld tourism involves travel agencies not only on the American continent but also in many other parts of the world.

Facts and figures about Disneyworld tourism can be found on the web and if you are thinking of joining the huge number of Disneyworld fans, there is a lot of information about the park on several sites specialized in Disney vacations. Disneyworld tourism implies thorough preparations if you are coming from Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia. Info about flights to take, accommodation options, car rental companies, other places to see in the region are available online if you just do a search.

Disneyworld tourism starts on the official website of the park for all those who do not live in America. The internet is the best source of information and some sites also provide a guide containing the ABC of Disney which can be downloaded free and studied by all the people who are planning their visit to Disney.

Impeccable services, innumerous attractions for both children and their parents, beautiful surroundings and the American spirit floating in the air have all turned Disneyworld tourism into one of the most profitable sectors of American tourism.

The most lovable cartoon and fairy-tale characters gather together in a big number of impressive shows and entertaining events throughout the park, combined with some educational moments in which visitors learn about different interesting occurrences in human history. Disneyworld tourism does not only take you to the biggest entertainment location in the world but also on a precious educational tour in which children can learn useful things in a very amusing manner.

Many of those who have already taken advantage of this huge opportunity that Disneyworld tourism offers and have visited the park once, are eager to come again and relive the wonderful moments that Disneyworld has in store for us all. Once you have seen this marvel you cannot help coming again and having a second great vacation in a place that is continually improving to the delight of its tourists. Disneyworld tourism will never stop as long as there are kids on Earth.


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